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Tourney Tracker™ 2017 Step-by-Step Instructions

Below is a summary of the 12 easy tasks that a pool manager must complete to run a supported national tournament:  Supported national tournaments are those where MicroFest supplies the brackets and tournament results through downloads from the Internet, including the national Men’s and Women’s College Basketball Championships.

With your purchase of Tourney Tracker, you get at least 8 months of free use of our web-based tools.  Continued use will require you to upgrade to the latest version of the software.   

Step 1.  Install the Tourney Tracker software on your PC. 
If you are not already a registered customer, you can purchase Tourney Tracker by clicking the “Order Now” link.  To upgrade or renew a previous purchase, follow the “Upgrade” link.  Follow the instructions to purchase the software.  You’ll receive an e-mail which will include a link to the install file and your 13-digit registration ID. 

Once you download the install file, titled TourneyTrackerZip.exe, go to Start/Run and enter the location where you stored the file.  Complete the installation by following the steps presented in the install program. 

Step 2.  Open the Tourney Tracker program.
Go to Start / Programs and click on Tourney-Tracker. 

Step 3.  Enter your Registration ID that you received with your order. 
This is a 13-digit number that is specific to your purchase.  If you ordered over the Internet, you should have received an e-mail from SWReg, our order processing partner, specifying your registration ID. 
Please note that it is illegal to share this program and registration ID with other people.  Sharing your Registration ID with others can also cause problems with the use of the product features.

 Step 4.  Start your pool file.
At the “Open a Tourney Tracker file” window, select the option to “Start a New National Tournament Pool from a Download File”.  Choose the tournament type that you are looking for and click the download button. 

Step 5.  Set your pool parameters.
Once the download is complete, a window will open with three tabs.  Each of these tabs contains important information about your pool.  Update the following on each tab:

  • General Setup:  Set the dollar amount that you will collect for each entry.  Also, if you want to have the system automatically check for updates of entries past a given point in time, you can set that information.  For a normal pool, all other information should be sufficient for your pool.
  • Scoring Setup:  Choose your tiebreaker, points to be awarded per round, and any special “seed-based” scoring by round.  For those of you with more exotic scoring methods, click on the “Advanced Bonus Scoring” button and define your scoring rules.
  • Payout Setup:  Choose the percentages of the final pot that you wish to give to each finishing position, select how you would like to round out the final payments, and indicate if you would like to hold back any amount of the pot from being distributed to the winners.

Step 6.  Print a blank bracket form
If you are taking paper entries, you can create a blank tournament sheet form to distribute to your friends.  Go to Tools / Print Blank Bracket Entry Form.  There is room to type specific instructions for your pool, if you wish.

Another option is to take entries from “spreadsheet” files filled out by individuals.  You can get a starter file for the larger national tournaments by clicking here.   

Step 7.  Reserve your Pool ID and setup your pool on
If you wish to have your pool participants enter their picks on the Entry-Net  (our web-based entry tool) or if you wish to post your pool reports to the Internet, you must reserve your “pool ID” (a name that your friends can remember) with MicroFest for each tournament for which you are running a pool.   

To do this, choose the option Tools / Setup and Maintain Pool Info on the Entry-Net, and click the Logon to the Entry-Net button.  Please note that the Entry-Net is only available for selected national tournaments.  Follow the menu there to set up your Pool ID.  Once your Pool ID is established, menu options will appear for you to manage information and entries for your pool on the Entry-Net.

Step 8.  Enter picks submitted from your pool participants
To enter picks returned to you on paper, use the Edit  / Input/Edit Entry option.  Follow the steps to add any participant information that you wish to keep (name, e-mail address, phone, etc.) and then enter the picks by dragging-and-dropping the teams from the opening bracket to the round they are picked to advance.  Note:  If you are speedier with the keyboard vs. the mouse, you can swap  from the “drag-n-drop” method to a “KeyPad” method of entry by clicking the button on the bottom right side of the window.  Also, if you wish, you can adjust the size of the bracket on this window by using the View / Set Entry Zoom Size option. 

Step 9.  Retrieve entries made on the Entry-Net
If you have reserved your pool ID and setup your pool on the “Entry-Net”, our web-based entry tool, then you will, from time-to-time, need to pull those entries into your pool file on your PC.  To do this, go to Tools / Retrieve Entries from the Entry-Net.

Click the Unload button.  This will send a signal to our web site to unload your entries from the Entry-Net.   When the unload process is complete, you’ll be asked to click Bring in Entries to  actually start the import process.  Follow the instructions on the subsequent windows to update your file as necessary.

Step 10.  Update tournament results

Use the Tools / Download Results from function to pull down the results for the tournament.  Please allow until 10am EST the next day for the results to be updated for the major national tournaments.  (If you are in a hurry, you can update results yourself by using the Edit / Enter Results function and dragging the winning teams forward in the bracket.  You will still be able to the automatic download feature for future rounds.)


Step 11.  View and create reports

To view the available Tourney-Tracker reports, go to the Reports menu item at the top of the window and choose the report that you wish to see.  Select as many different reports as you wish, then you can print, save, or publish the reports by choosing File / Print or Save Reports and following the instructions on the window presented.  

You have three options to create reports.  Choose one of the following:

  • Send to printer:  Print the reports on paper to your local printer.
  • Send to file:  Save the reports to a file on your PC.   Either an HTML, a fixed-position, or a comma-delimited file can be created with your report data.
  • Send to the Entry-Net:  Uploads the report to the web site.  If you have reserved your pool ID (see step 7 above), your friends can visit our site and view the reports.

By clicking the Create Reports button, the selected reports will be printed, saved, or published as requested.

Step 12.  End of tournament activities

At the end of the tournament, if you using a different tiebreaker than “Total Points Final Game – Both Teams” option, you will need to go to Edit / Enter Results and input the tiebreaker figure yourself.  Once the tiebreaker is set, choose the Reports / Display Rankings option.  The second tab, Pool Winners, will list out those that finished in the money and how much they won.

 Congratulations on running a successful tournament pool with Tourney Tracker!



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