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Pro Football Playoffs
Pool Support!

Tourney Trackerô, the highly rated college basket pool manager, can be just as much fun to use for a pool on the professional football playoffs.

Gather your friends and office workers together to see who knows their football.  Each person enters the contest by filling out an entry where they try to predict who will come out of round of the playoffs.  The person who scores the most points, based on correct picks and the point values that you assign for each round in the tournament, wins the pool.

In the Pro Football playoffs, the bracket match-ups after the first round are not "pre-set".  In other words, winning teams are "re-paired" after the first round of the tournament, so it is difficult to predict who-will-play-who.  This is a fundamental difference from tournaments such as the college basketball championships where the brackets are set before the tournament begins.  Tourney Trackerô works for this unique format by awarding points for each team correctly predicted to advance to each round. 

With Tourney Trackerô, running a pool is a snap.  You can download a starter file from our web-site in a few easy clicks.  Then, simply set the value that you wish to award for each correct pick in each round of the tournament, record the entries, download the tournament results and let Tourney Trackerô tell you who is winning.

Tourney Trackerô's Web Features:
If you purchase now, you can use Tourney Trackerô's web features through all of 2003*, including next year's college basketball tournaments!  *You may be required to download a free upgrade when Tourney Trackerô 2003 is released.

Tourney Trackerô's Entry-Net allows your friends to enter their picks on-line.  You, as pool manager, can pull the picks into your pool file with just a few clicks.

Tourney Trackerô's Report Viewer allows you to post reports from your pool on our web-site for all to see.  These web features keep your job as a pool manager to a minimum.

Don't take our word for it!  Download your free trial version today and try it out!

Add to the fun and excitement of the Pro Football Playoffs by running your own pool!  Order now!



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